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Yearly check up will keep you baby safe ----   Leptospirosis ----Lyme
Nosodes----Lepto is considered less ----  Heart Worm


Yearly check up will keep you baby safe Your personal bet will have suggestions on the care of your Boston. There has been a lot of reports on over dosing of our pets with yearly shots. Please talk this over with your vet and do some research of your own. Think for your self -- you are the care giver

Leptospirosis is a disease usually spread by the urine of rats and some other animals. It can infect a dog through a break in the skin or contaminated food or water. In some areas Lepto is epidemic. It is not in most of the US.

Your puppy has not had the Leptospirosis. I have had reactions to this when given to my pups in the past I no longer allow my vet to give this in the combination shot. Please request that your vet does not .

Past practice was to give shots to your dog once a year. Cornell University now recommends that shots be only updated once every 3 years. Research has now shown that by giving shots to often can cause the immune system to break down. [ A lot of vets will not change over very fast. Giving once a year brings you to their office for a office call. Plus the cost of the shot. I can buy the same shots for under $3.00 when bought in lots of 5. It is even cheaper when you buy more. My vet charges me $20.00 plus the office call. Do you think he will change over very soon?]

Lyme ---Once again Lyme is not a problem in my area. There have not been any reports in Cortland or Tompkins County. But we travel and there are ticks where we go. I have chosen to use the Holistic approach for this. This is given orally. There is a vaccination for Lyme that you can get from you vet. This would be easier for most of you to follow and less time consuming. Should you live in a high-risk area I would suggest that you get the shot from your vet. Or research into the Holistic Nosods and decide for yourself if you feel this is for you and your puppy.

Your puppy has been started on Holistic Nosods before leaving to live with you. Check medical records for full details.

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Nosodes I am starting to use Holistic Nosodes more and more as I learn and feel more confident in their use. You can attain more information from the web

or call Marina Zacharias , 541-899-2080, e-mail ambrican@cdsnet.net8-5, Mon. - Fri, 8-12 Sat. (Pacific).

Lepto is considered less "necessary" than distemper or Parvo.

BY: Scottee Meade

Aside from anaphylactic reactions (lethargy, swelling, hives shortly after vaccination), there are other adverse reactions to vaccines that are more subtle. These can include irritable bowel problems, skin allergies,
epilepsy, arthritis-like symptoms (especially in younger dogs), behavioral changes (sudden-onset aggression, for example), or urinary tract problems--especially chronic infections.

The current recommendation coming from Cornell and other vet schools is to boost Distemper and Parvo no more often than
EVERY 3 YEARS, just like rabies. Some people, with their vets' blessings, are having Distemper
boosted one year, Parvo the next, and Rabies the third, so that the vaccines are given separately.

Dr. Dodds gives some excellent guidelines for avoiding problems with vaccinations. Give them separately whenever possible. Avoid giving rabies and DHPP at the same time. NEVER vaccinate a bitch in season or in whelp (pregnant). Only vaccinate healthy animals. Never vaccinate at the same time a procedure such as a spay, castration, or dental cleaning is done. Never expose young puppies to older dogs that have been vaccinated within
the past 2 weeks, because dogs (and cats) will shed live virus (be contagious for the disease they were vaccinated against) for up to 2 weeks. Avoid vaccinating animals with compromised immune systems.

Furthermore, unless Lyme disease is a real epidemic in your area, many vets recommend avoiding that vaccination, because except for extremely rare cases, Lyme disease is easily detected and treated.

The same goes for Bordatella--kennel cough is very treatable and not fatal, unless the animal has severe heart problems, for example, in which case you wouldn't vaccinate anyway. If a vet hospital or kennel wants to insist on
vaccinating your dog for kennel cough or anything else upon admission for boarding or hospitalization, ask the manager or vet why he or she would want to put all the other animals at risk for disease by vaccinating your dog and allowing it to shed virus and infect the other animals while it is there.

Many people operate from the premise that vaccines do no harm and are a good prevention of disease. They aren't foolproof. Nearly every dog I've known of that had Parvo was vaccinated for it. They aren't harmless. Dogs have
died or become seriously ill from vaccines--particularly Lepto and Bordatella, but others, too.

You can have a blood test done to check titters--levels of immunity to specific diseases--if your vet or boarding kennel insists on proof of vaccination and you don't want to vaccinate your dog. Ask if they will accept titre tests as proof of immunity. These tests are more expensive than the vaccine itself, but if you avoid a potential health risk, either from the vaccination or from low immunity to the disease, you will be way ahead of the game, financially.

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Heart Worm

All my adult dogs are on Heart Guard even thou this area is not prevalent in heart worms. We do travel into unknown areas going to the shows and to Jimís momís in Florida. I do feel that there should be some form of prevention. Heartworms come from mosquitoes. Your puppy has is being started on Interceptor medicine covers heart worm as well as several other common worms that dogs can pick up in their travels. Please check with your vet and keep your BT on what he recommends. These are prescription products.


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Puppy Dermatitis

With the pups getting shots ( 2 before you received) they are being protected for the most common health risks we have in our dogs. They will need at least one more, (your vet may suggest 2) It is a known fact that these shots break down the immune system as they are "taking hold". During this time other problems may show up. Such as Puppy dermatitis (mange). Full details on mange under health problems. I have fond and heard of a lot of vets go the extreme with treatment. Dips can damage your Boston and even kill. This should be a last resort. Please try this treatment first. When found it most generally is a small bare spot around the eyes or front legs. Have the vet confirm that this is the problem. Ask for Nolvasan Scrub (soap they use for washing hands) Wash the dog completely leaving on for 5 -10 minutes. Then wash the spot and surrounding area at least every other day till you see hair starting to grow. Another way is to use tree tea oil on the area (health food store) or you can get Googwinol Ointment (vet supplied). Just please do not dip the dog until you have at least tried the other ideas.  Dips are just to strong.

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